Close CRM June 2024 Updates: Lead-Based Call Routing and Timed Task Reminders

June 2024 brings some exciting updates to Close CRM! Two new features have just rolled out, and they promise to improve your sales team's efficiency and effectiveness.

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Lead-Based Call Routing

Close CRM now supports lead-based call routing for premium numbers. This feature allows users to filter calls based on custom field rules or lead statuses. Previously, calls to group numbers would ring the entire group. Now, with lead-based call routing, calls are directed to specific individuals based on set criteria.

For instance, if a lead is assigned to a closer lead owner, any calls from that lead will go directly to the assigned closer rather than the entire group. This targeted approach ensures that the right person handles each call, improving responsiveness and efficiency.

To enable lead-based call routing, users should navigate to their premium group number, click on lead-based call routing, toggle it on, and add their conditions. They can choose between lead status or custom fields. It's important to note that routing rules are applied in order, so the first matching condition will be used.

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Timed Task Reminders

The second feature is timed task reminders, now available to all Close CRM users. This feature helps sales reps manage their tasks more efficiently by providing reminders for tasks with specific due times.

When users add a task with a time, a banner appears at the top of their screen when the task is due. This banner remains visible regardless of where they are in the CRM, ensuring important follow-ups are never missed. If there are multiple tasks due at the same time, the banner will indicate additional tasks, allowing users to click through to their inbox and see all their tasks at once.

This feature ensures that critical tasks don't fall through the cracks and helps maintain a high level of organization and productivity within the sales team.

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Make the Most of Close CRM's New Features

These new features are designed to streamline sales processes and improve team efficiency. By utilizing lead-based call routing, calls are handled by the right team member. Timed task reminders keep the team on track with their tasks, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Organizations struggling with lead management or ensuring consistent touchpoints will find these updates particularly beneficial. Scheduling a call with the CloseDr team can help explore how these new features can be implemented to maximize your CRM potential. Click here to book a call with us.

Conclusion: What We're Excited About

These new features align perfectly with our goal of achieving peak CRM efficiency and ensuring no lead slips through the cracks. These features will undoubtedly improve account management and drive results for our clients.

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