Close CRM Predictive Dialer: Everything You Need to Know

Close CRM offers a powerful feature that can transform your sales process if implemented the right way: the predictive dialer. In this blog, we'll dive into the details of the predictive dialer, explore its advantages and potential drawbacks, and help you determine if it fits your sales strategy.

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Understanding the Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer stands out from the regular dialer in Close CRM. The regular dialer allows a single user to call one lead at a time by going to a lead profile and hitting the call button, Close CRM also offers a power dialer. With the power dialer, you start with a list of leads inside your Close account, and the dialer calls lead after lead. If person A doesn’t answer, it calls person B, and so on.

The predictive dialer takes efficiency to the next level. It allows multiple calls at the same time, which significantly increases productivity. This tool is most effective when multiple team members are using the dialer simultaneously. Imagine two sales reps calling three, four, or even five leads at once. The first lead to pick up gets connected, and the others hear an abandonment message.

The Importance of Connection Rates

There are specific regulations set by the government for predictive dialers to avoid being flagged as spam. The connection rate is crucial. If too many calls go unanswered, your number might get flagged, which could severely impact your outreach efforts. Although the exact math behind these regulations isn’t publicly detailed, it's clear that maintaining a high connection rate is essential for compliance and effective use of the dialer.

Setting Up the Predictive Dialer in Close CRM

To set up the predictive dialer in Close CRM, start with any Smart View. Click the call dropdown and select "Manage" under the dialer options. Complete the predictive dialer setup by following these additional steps:

Set Up a Group Caller ID: Since predictive dialing dials as the system and not a specific user, you’ll need to set up this group number in your environment. You can find this under settings, phone, and voicemail, then add the group number. Assign this group number to team members.

Configure the Predictive Calling Abandonment Message: Go to the dialer tab under settings and set up the predictive calling abandonment message. This message plays when multiple leads pick up at the same time. It should include a brief message and a callback number, such as "Hi, this is [Company Name]. We were hoping to get in touch with you to talk about [Topic]. Please give us a call back at [Number]."

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Benefits of Using the Predictive Dialer

Using the predictive dialer properly can significantly boost your team's productivity. By building a Smart View for the leads you want to dial and having two or more team members dial out of that Smart View simultaneously, you can power through leads much more quickly. This setup can potentially double your daily call volume, allowing your team to reach more prospects in less time.

Potential Drawbacks and Considerations

While the predictive dialer offers numerous benefits, it's important to consider some potential drawbacks. Ensuring compliance with government regulations is critical to avoid being flagged as spam. Additionally, the initial setup may require some time and technical know-how, particularly in configuring the group caller ID and abandonment messages. However, these steps are necessary to fully leverage the power of the predictive dialer.

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Getting the Most Out of Close CRM's Predictive Dialer

To maximize the effectiveness of the predictive dialer, ensure that your team is well-trained on how to use it. Regularly monitor connection rates and adjust strategies as needed to maintain compliance and efficiency. Proper setup and ongoing management are key to harnessing the full potential of this powerful tool.

Need Help Setting Up?

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