Master Smart Views in Close CRM | Expert Guide

Are you ready to transform the way your sales team operates? Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering Smart Views in Close CRM. By creating the right Smart Views, you can ensure your sales reps flow through their day effortlessly and no lead slips through the cracks.

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Understanding Smart Views in Close CRM

Smart Views in Close CRM are like coffee for someone who isn’t a morning person—you could get through your day without them, but why would you want to? Smart Views are powerful, dynamic tools that boost your team's productivity. They act as personalized shortcuts, helping you find the leads you need to connect with, exactly when you need to, without the hassle of manual searches and reminders.

Importance of Using Close CRM for Your Sales Process

Using Close CRM transforms your sales process by providing a structured, efficient way to manage and prioritize leads. It eliminates the chaos of traditional lead management methods, ensuring that your sales reps know exactly who to contact and when allowing them to spend more time selling and less time sorting through leads.

Here’s our in-depth video guide on mastering smart views:

Building Effective Smart Views

The first step in building effective Smart Views is deciding whether to base them on leads or contacts. For B2B businesses, filtering by contacts is usually more beneficial since you often have multiple contacts within one lead. B2C businesses, on the other hand, can filter directly from leads as their leads and contacts are typically the same.

You'll notice many filter options when you start building your Smart View. These include leads, contacts, opportunities, communication types, tasks, and custom activities. We recommend you use the date created field, lead owner, and communication filters. These filters help you keep track of the most recent leads, assign leads to specific sales reps, and manage communication efficiently.

Recommended Smart View Filters

1: Date Created Filter

Track the most recent leads in your Close account.

2: Lead Owner Filter

Assign leads to specific users for better management.

3: Communication Filter

Monitor the date and type of the last communication to ensure timely follow-ups.

4: Custom Activity Filter

Filter leads based on specific activities, such as calls booked or deals lost.

Optimize your sales workflows and boost productivity. Schedule a call with the CloseDr team to see how Close CRM can transform your sales process.

Organizing Smart Views for Optimal Workflow

You should treat Smart Views like buckets that fill up and empty as sales reps perform their tasks. This system ensures that sales reps know exactly who to contact each day, without any guesswork. We organize Smart Views with emojis and numbers to indicate which views are for managers, closers, or setters, and to show the order in which reps should work through their tasks.

Advanced Tips for Smart Views

Smart Views are not just for daily tasks; they can also be used for process tracking and manager oversight. For instance, creating a Smart View for deals lost due to time allocation can help reps re-engage with those leads at a better time. Managers can use Smart Views to ensure reps are following the correct processes and to gain insights into team performance.

Automating Workflows with Smart Views and Zapier

Integrating Smart Views with Zapier allows you to automate workflows and streamline your sales process even further. You can set up Zapier triggers based on leads entering specific Smart Views, automating tasks like enrolling leads into workflows, assigning new lead owners, or sending data to other platforms.


Smart Views in Close CRM are essential tools for streamlining your lead management process, saving you and your sales reps time and effort so they can focus on what they do best—closing deals. 

Remember, treat Smart Views like buckets, constantly filling them with fresh leads and emptying them as reps follow up and nurture those connections.

For personalized support and to transform your sales process, book a call with the CloseDr team today.

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