How to Onboard a Sales Rep in Close CRM: A Step-by-Step Guide

Onboarding new sales reps efficiently is crucial for maintaining a productive sales team. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to get your sales reps up and running with Close CRM. Whether you're a seasoned sales manager or new to the role, these steps will ensure your team hits the ground running.

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Steps for Sales Managers

First, you’ll need to add a new user. Go to Settings and navigate to Team Management. Here, you can add a new user by entering their email and selecting their role within the Close account. Customize their permissions under the Roles and Permissions tab. You can create new roles, such as closer, setter, or manager, and assign specific permissions to each role.

Different user roles in Cose CRM

Once the rep is added, assign them to a user group. This is useful for workflows, allowing you to select user groups for specific tasks. Ensure the new member is added to the correct group, such as closers or setters, based on your account setup.

Make sure the new user has access to all relevant smart views. These may be shared with specific users or kept private. Adjust the sharing settings to ensure the new user can see all necessary smart views.

User groups in Close CRM

Steps for Sales Reps

Upon accessing their Close account, reps should connect their email. If skipped initially, this can be done in Settings under Accounts and Apps. Reps can connect Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Calendly, or a custom email. This enables sending and receiving emails directly from Close.

Reps should set up their email signature, either using a standard company signature or a generic one. This will automatically populate on any email sent from their Close account.

Set your email signature here

Under Communication, click on Phone and Voicemail to add a personal number. Select the country code and area code (if necessary), then request a new number. This number will be the rep's primary contact number. Set up voicemail greetings and enable call forwarding if desired. Record a voicemail drop to automate messages when calls go to voicemail.

Make sure to turn on call recording

In the Send As tab, turn on automated workflows. This allows workflows to send emails and SMS on the user's behalf.

Ensure reps download both the desktop and mobile apps for Close CRM. This helps them stay updated on communications and notifications from leads.

Final Steps

As a manager, ensure that you've added the user, set their role, granted access to smart views, and assigned them to the correct user group. Reps should have connected their email, created a phone number, set their email signature, enabled automated workflows, and recorded a voicemail drop.

These foundational steps will help you utilize Close CRM to its fullest potential. Remember to have your sales reps download the necessary apps to stay on top of their leads.

Check out our detailed video on this:


Efficient onboarding is key to a productive sales team. By following these steps, you'll ensure your new sales reps are well-equipped to succeed with Close CRM. If you're looking for further assistance, consider scheduling a call with us. We're here to help you streamline your sales processes and achieve your business goals.

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