How to Become a Top Performing Sales Rep with Close CRM | Expert Guide

Becoming a top-performing sales rep isn’t just about having a good attitude or putting in the effort. Sure, those things are crucial, but what’s important is how consistent and systematized you are in your approach. 

If you’re aiming for success over the long haul, the way you handle your daily tasks and manage your book of business will set you apart. 

This blog dives into top sales reps strategies within Close CRM to close more deals faster.

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Importance of Using Close CRM for Your Sales Process

Close CRM is designed to streamline your sales processes, making it easier to manage leads, track interactions, and stay on top of follow-ups. For sales reps wanting to improve their performance, leveraging Close CRM effectively can make a significant difference. It’s not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive system that, when used correctly, can transform your sales game.

Key Traits of Top Performing Sales Reps

Top-performing sales reps excel because they are consistent, systematized, and strategic in their approach. They use effective scripts, build genuine relationships, and consistently follow through on their commitments. Close CRM helps them maintain this level of excellence by providing a structured environment to manage their tasks and interactions.

Day-to-Day Routine of a Top Performing Sales Rep

1: Start with Your Calendar

A top sales rep’s day starts with their calendar. Ensuring all appointments are in order and prioritized is crucial. Using tools like Google Calendar integrated with Close CRM helps keep everything aligned. Missed appointments can be detrimental, so punctuality is key.

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2: Clear Your Inbox

Maintaining a clean inbox is non-negotiable. Top sales reps ensure their inbox is zeroed out at the end of each day. Close CRM allows for filtering different types of communication—emails, missed calls, SMS, and tasks—making it easier to manage and respond promptly.

3: Manage Opportunities and Pipeline Stages

Efficiently managing opportunities and pipeline stages is critical. Top reps regularly review who’s sitting in what stage and determine the necessary follow-ups to move deals forward. This proactive approach ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

4: Make Necessary Dials

Dials are a crucial part of a sales rep's day. Using Close CRM’s workflows for outreach campaigns can streamline this process. You will soon be able to use browser-based dialing, a new feature in Close CRM, which will make it even easier to manage and execute calls efficiently.

5: Utilize Smart Views

Smart Views in Close CRM act like buckets, organizing leads and tasks based on specific criteria. Whether it’s today's calls or upcoming follow-ups, Smart Views help reps focus on what’s important without missing a beat.

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Optimizing Lead Profiles in Close CRM

6: Organize Lead Information

Having key details accessible at a glance is crucial. This includes intake forms, source information, and other relevant data. Well-organized lead profiles allow reps to quickly understand and engage with leads effectively.

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7: Use Custom Fields and Activities

Custom fields and activities capture important data points, enabling more tailored follow-up actions. This personalized approach can significantly improve engagement and conversion rates.

8: Set and Follow Up on Tasks

Setting tasks for follow-ups ensures that you don't forget about any leads. Top reps use tasks to remind themselves of opportunities and important engagements, maintaining consistent communication with prospects.

Top Tips and Tricks for Efficiency

9: Schedule Future Texts

Close CRM allows reps to schedule texts for future follow-ups, maintaining engagement without manual intervention. This feature helps in managing time efficiently and ensuring timely communication.

10: Leverage Templates and Snippets

Using email and SMS templates saves time. Templates with placeholders for personalization ensure consistency and efficiency. Snippets act like keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to insert frequently used phrases or links.


Achieving top performance as a sales rep involves disciplined routines, optimized lead profiles, and strategic use of efficiency hacks. Close CRM provides the tools and structure needed to succeed. For personalized support and to transform your sales process, book a call with the CloseDr team today.

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