5 Must Have Close CRM Workflows

If you're using Close CRM, there's a high chance you're missing out on essential workflows that could transform your sales process. In this blog, we're diving into the top five must-have workflows for Close CRM that will help you put more touch points on leads faster, book more appointments, and ultimately close more deals. 

These workflows are not just about automation—they're about improving your entire sales strategy to ensure no lead slips through the cracks and your team operates at peak efficiency.

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Workflow #1: Opt-ins and Top-of-Funnel Activity

The first essential workflow is for your opt-ins or top-of-funnel activity. This workflow ensures that every lead that opts into your system, whether through a newsletter, free training, or other lead captures, receives immediate and automated follow-ups. By automating this initial contact, you ensure that no lead is left untouched, increasing your chances of conversion.

This workflow starts with an automated text message as soon as the lead opts in, followed by a scheduled sequence of calls and emails. The goal is to initiate a conversation with the lead as quickly as possible, leveraging the power of automation to maintain consistent and timely communication.

Workflow #2: Booked Calls

Having a workflow for booked calls is crucial. This workflow automates the follow-up process for leads who have scheduled a call with you, ensuring they receive timely reminders and relevant information before the call. This increases show-up rates and prepares your leads, making your sales calls more productive.

For instance, after a lead books a call, an automated text message is sent to confirm the appointment and ask for any additional information that might be useful. This is followed by reminder emails and texts leading up to the call. This systematic approach reduces no-shows and ensures your leads are prepared for their scheduled appointments.

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Workflow #3: No-Showed Appointments

Dealing with no-show appointments can be frustrating. A workflow dedicated to no-shows sends automated follow-ups via text and email to reschedule missed appointments. By maintaining consistent communication, you increase the chances of re-engaging these leads and turning them into potential customers.

The workflow for no-show appointments typically involves a sequence of follow-up messages over several days. These messages are designed to be encouraging, aiming to reschedule the missed call and keep the lead engaged. 

Workflow #4: Outreach Campaigns

Monthly outreach campaigns are a great way to keep your leads engaged. Create a workflow that spans the entire month, including emails, text messages, and phone calls. This ongoing communication keeps your business top-of-mind for your leads, making it more likely that they'll convert when they're ready to buy.

For example, an outreach campaign might start with an email sharing a recent success story, followed by a text message checking in and offering help. Subsequent messages could include valuable content, like industry insights or exclusive offers, all aimed at nurturing the relationship and encouraging engagement.

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Workflow #5: Client Check-ins

Finally, a client check-in workflow ensures you stay in touch with your existing clients regularly. Automate periodic check-ins to maintain a strong relationship, gather feedback, and identify upsell opportunities. Regular communication with clients not only improves retention but also opens doors for additional revenue.

A client check-in workflow might involve sending a text message 30 days after a sale to ask how things are going, followed by a more detailed email survey after 60 days. These check-ins show your clients that you care about their experience and are available to address any issues, strengthening your relationship and improving customer loyalty.

Making the Most of Close CRM

To wrap up, implementing these five workflows in your Close CRM can dramatically improve your sales process. By ensuring every lead is contacted, you're setting yourself up for higher engagement rates and more successful conversions. But remember, the key to success is not just in setting up these workflows but in continuously monitoring and optimizing them based on performance data.

And if you're still on the fence or need a bit more guidance, check out my YouTube video on this topic.

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